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  • PhD, Northeastern University, 2004

Research & Scholarship Interests

Solid Mechanics, materials, computational methods, biomechanics, nanotechnology
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Department Research Areas

College Research Initiatives

Honors & Awards

  • 2015 COE Faculty Fellow
  • Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Award
  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award
  • Søren Buus Outstanding Research Award, College of Engineering

Selected Publications

  • A. Vaziri, R. Ghosh, "Numerical Analysis of the Response of Biomimetic Cellular Materials Under Static and Dynamic Loadings, Blast Mitigation. Springer", Edited by A. Shukla, Y. D. Rajapakse, M. E. Hynes, 2013
  • M.W. Moon, C. Kim, A. Vaziri, "Ion Beam-Induced Self-Assembled Wrinkles", Mechanical Self-Assembly: Science and Application, Springer, Edited by X. Chen, 2013
  • J Xiong, R. Ghosh, L. Ma., H. Ebrahimi,A. Vaziri, L. Wu, et al., "Bending Behavior of Lightweight Sandwich-walled Shells with Pyramidal Truss Cores", Composite Structures, 116, 2014, 793-804 
  • B. Haghpanah, H. Nayeb-Hashemi, A. Vaziri, et al. "Buckling of Regular, Chiral, and Hierarchical Honeycombs Under a General Macroscopic Stress State", Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 470(2167), 2014, 20130856 
  • R. Ghosh, H. Ebrahimi, A. Vaziri, "Contact Kinematics of Biomimetic Scales, Applied Physics Letters", 2014, 105.23, 233701 
  • R. Ghosh, A. Ajdari, H. Nayeb-Hashemi, A. Vaziri, et al., "Impact Resistance and Energy Absorption of Regular and Functionally Graded Hexagonal Honeycombs with Cell Wall Material Strain Hardening", International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 89, 2014, 413-422 
  • R. Oftadeh, B. Haghpanah, D. Vella, A. Boudaoud, A. Vaziri, "Optimal Fractal-like Hierarchical Honeycombs", Physical Review Letters, 113, 2014, 104301
  • H. Abdi, H. Nayeb-Hashemi, A. M. S. Hamouda, A. Vaziri, "Torsional Dynamic Response of a Shaft with Longitudinal and Circumferential Cracks", Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, 136, 2014, 61011-61018 
  • R. Ghosh, A. Kumar, A. Vaziri, "Type-IV Pilus Deformation Can Explain Retraction Behavior", PLOS ONE, 2014, 9, 114613
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MIE Associate Professor Ashkan Vaziri’s research on “Lattice Materials with Reversible Foldability” was featured on the cover of Advanced Engineering Materials.