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Faculty Profile

Hameed Metghalchi

334 Snell Engineering Center
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115


  • PhD (1980), Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MS (1977), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • BS (1975), Oklahoma University

Research & Scholarship Interests

Fundamentals of combustion such as burning speed and onset of autoignition measurement and flame stability analysis; development of chemistry reduction such as rate-controlled constrained-equilibrium method; non-equilibrium thermodynamics
Affiliated With

Department Research Areas

Honors & Awards

  • 2014 ASME Edward F. Obert award
  • Editor-in-Chief, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Journal of Energy Resources Technology
  • Fellow of ASME
  • 2011 ASME Harry Potter Award
  • 2011 ASME Dedicated Service Award
  • Member of Board of Editors of International Journal of Thermodynamics

Teaching Interests

  • Undergraduate and graduate thermodynamics
  • Combustion Fundamentals

Professional Affiliations

  • American Society Engineering Educators
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Fellow
  • Combustion Institute
  • Society of Automotive Engineers

Selected Publications

  • Eisazadeh-Far, K., Moghaddas, A., Metghalchi, H., and Keck, J. C., "The Effect of Diluent on Flame Structure and Laminar Burning Speed of JP-8/Oxidizer/Diluent Premixed Flames’. Fuel 90 (2011) 1476-1486.
  • Eisazadeh-Far, K., Metghalchi, H., and Keck, J.C., "Thermodynamic properties of Ionized Gases at High Temperatures". ASME Journal of Energy Resources and Technology, June 2011, Vol. 133.
  • Moghaddas, A., Eisazadeh-Far, K., and Metghalchi, M., "Laminar Burning Speed Measurement of Premixed n-decane/air Mixtures Using Spherically Expanding Flames at High Temperatures and Pressures". Combustion and Flame 159 (2012) 1437-1443.
  • Beretta, G. P, Keck, J. C., Janbozorgi, M., and Metghalchi, H, "The Rate-Controlled Constrained-Equilibrium Approach to Far-From-Local Equilibrium Thermodynamics". Entropy 2012, 14(2), 92-130; doi:10.3390/e14020092.
  • Janbozorgi, M. and Metghalchi, H., "Rate-Controlled Constrained-Equilibrium (RCCE) Modeling of Expansion of Combustion Products in a Supersonic Nozzle". AIAA Journal of Propulsion and Power, Vol. 28, No. 4 July-August 2012.
  • Moghaddas, A., Bennett, C., Eisazadeh-far, K. and Metghalchi, H, "Measurement of Laminar Burning Speed and Determination of Onset of Autoignition of Jet-A/Air and JP-8/Air Mixtures in a Constant Volume Spherical Chamber". ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology, June 2012, Vol. 134.
  • Sheikhi, M.R.H, Safari, M. and Metghalchi, H., "Large Eddy Simulation for Local Entropy Generation Analysis of Turbulent Flows". ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology, December 2012, Vol. 134041603.
  • Askari, O., Metghalchi, M., Moghaddas, A., Hannani, S. K., and Ebrahimi, R., "Fundamental Study of Spray and Partially Premixed Combustion Characteristics of Methane/Air Mixture". ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology, June 2013, Vol135 No. 2 021001.
  • O. Askari, M. Janbozorgi, R. Greig, A. Moghaddas, H. Metghalchi "Developing Alternative Approaches to Predicting the Laminar Burning Speed of Refrigerants Using the Minimum Ignition Energy", Science and Technology for the Built Environment, 21(2), 2015, 220-227 
  • G. Nicolas, H. Metghalchi "Comparison Between RCCE and Shock Tube Ignition Delay Time at Low Temperatures", ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology, 137, 2015, e062203 
  • G. Nicolas, M. Janbozorgi, H. Metghalchi "Constrained-equilibrium Modeling of Methane Oxidation in Air", ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology, 136(3), 2014, 1-7 
  • A. Moghaddas, C. Bennett, E. Rokni, H. Metghalchi "Laminar Burning Speeds and Flame Structures of Mixtures of Difluoromethane (HFC-32) and 1,1 Difluoroethane (HCF-152a) with Air at Elevated Temperatures and Pressures", HVAC&R Research, 20, 2014, 42-50 
  • O. Askari, H. Metghalchi, S.K. Hannani, H. Hemmati, R. Ebrahimi "Lean Partially Premixed Combustion Investigation of Methane Direct-injection under Different Characteristic Parameters", ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology, 136, 2014, 1-7

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May 7, 2014

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Professor Hameed Metghalchi was selected to receive the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ( ASME ) Edward F. Obert award for outstanding paper on...

February 10, 2012

MIE Professor & Chair Hameed Metghalchi is the recipient of an ASME 2011 Dedicated Service Award for his years of loyal service to ASME.

December 19, 2011

MIE Professor & Chair Hameed Metghalchi will become the Editor-in-Chief of the ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology on January 1, 2012.