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  • PhD (2009), Applied Science and Technology, University of California at Berkley

Research & Scholarship Interests

Nano optics, nanoscale materials and engineering, nano devices, plasmonics, metamaterials, and applied physics
Affiliated With

Department Research Areas

College Research Initiatives

Honors & Awards

  • Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad (2009)
  • TIME magazine Top 10 Scientific Discoveries and 50 Best Inventions of 2008
  • DISCOVER magazine Top 100 Stories of 2008
  • International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) Scholarship Award (2008)
  • Tse-Wei Liu Memorial Fellowship (UC-Berkeley, 2008)
  • Block Grant Fellowship (UC-Berkeley, 2006, 2007)

Teaching Interests

  • Nanoscience and nanotechnology
  • Materials properties and processing
  • Dynamics and vibrations

Professional Affiliations

  • American Physical Society (APS)
  • Optical Society of America (OSA)
  • Materials Research Society (MRS)

Selected Publications

  • Z.J. Wang, L.Q. Jing, K. Yao, Y.H. Yang, B. Zheng, C.M. Soukoulis, H.S. Chen, Y.M. Liu, Origami-Based Reconfigurable Metamaterials for Tunable Chirality, Advanced Materials, 2017
  • K. Yao, Y.M. Liu, Controlling Electric and Magnetic Resonances for Ultracompact Nanoantennas with Tunable Directionality, ACS Photonics, 3, 2016, 953-963
  • Z.J. Wang, K. Yao, M. Chen, H. Chen, Y.M. Liu, Manipulating Smith-Purcell Emission with Babinet Metasurfaces, Physical Review Letters, 117(15), 2016, 157401
  • W.L. Gao, F.Z. Fang, Y.M. Liu, S. Zhang, Chiral Surface Waves Supported by Biaxial Hyperbolic Metamaterials, Light: Science and Applications, 2015, e238
  • C.L. Zhao, Y.M. Liu, Y.H. Zhao, N. Fang, T.J. Huang, Reconfigurable Plasmofluidic Lens, Nature Communications, 4(2350), 2013, 1-8
  • Y.M. Liu, S. Palomba, Y. Park, T. Zentgraf, X.B. Yin, X. Zhang, Compact Magnetic Antennas for Directional Excitation of Surface Plasmons, Nano Letters, 12(9), 2012, 4853-4858
  • Y.M. Liu, X. Zhang, Metamaterials: A New Frontier of Science and Technology, Chemical Society Reviews, 40, 2011, 2494-2507
  • T. Zentgraf, Y.M. Liu, M.H. Mikkelsen, J. Valentine, X. Zhang, Plasmonic Luneburg and Eaton Lenses, Nature Nanotechnology, 6, 2011, 151-155  
  • J. Yao, Z. Liu, Y.M. Liu, Y. Wang, C. Sun, G. Bartal, et al., Optical Negative Refraction in Bulk Metamaterials of Nanowires, Science, 321(5891), 2008, 930
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