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Safa Jamali

334 SN
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115


  • PhD, Case Western Reserve University, 2015

Research & Scholarship Interests

microstructure-macroscopic properties relationship in complex fluids; rheology and physics of complex and structured fluids; colloidal suspensions; mesoscale computational science; computational fluid dynamics; physics of living systems; hemorheology and hemodynamics
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Selected Publications

  • S. Jamali, G.H. McKinley, R.C. Armstrong, Rheology, Microstructure and Heterogeneity in Thixotropic Elasto-Visco-Plastic Fluids, Physical Review Letters, 118,   2017, 048003
  • A. Boromand, S. Jamali, J. Maia, Structural Fingerprints of Yielding in Short-Ranged Attractive Colloidal Gels, Soft Matter, 13(2), 2017, 458-473
  • S. Liu, S. Jamali, J.-B. Baek, J. Maria, L. Dai, Solvent Induced Conformational Switching of Polymer Brush Functionalized Graphene Transistors, Macromolecules, 49(19), 2016, 7434-7441
  • S. Jamali, et al., A Gaussian-Inspired Auxiliary Thermostat for Non-Equilibrium Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulations, Computer Physics Communications, 197, 2015, 27-34
  • S. Jamali, et al., Generalized Mapping of the Many-Body Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulation Parameters onto Fluid Compressibility and the Flory-Huggins Theory, Journal of Chemical Physics, 142(16), 2015, 1-11
  • S. Jamali, et al., Microstructure and Rheology of Soft to Rigid Shear-Thickening Colloidal Suspensions, Journal of Rheology, 59(6), 2015, 1377-1395
  • S. Khani, S. Jamali, A. Boromand, M. Hore, J. Maia, Polymer-Mediated Nanorod Self-Assembly Predicted by Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulations, Soft Matter, 11(34), 2015, 6881-6892
  • S. Jamali, A. Boromand, J. Maia, Viscosity Measurement Techniques in Dissipative Particle Dynamics, Computer Physics Communications, 196,          2015, 149-160
  • S. Jamali, M. Yamanoi, J. Maia, Bridging the Gap Between Microstructure and Macroscopic Behavior of Monodisperse and Bimodal Colloidal Suspensions, Soft Matter, 9(5), 2013, 1506-1515
  • S. Jamali, M.C. Paiva, J. Covas, Dispersion and Re-agglomeration Phenomena During Melt Mixing of Polypropylene with Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes, Polymer Testing, 32(4), 2013, 701-707

Related News

September 1, 2017

Safa Jamali joins the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department in September 2017 as an Assistant Professor.