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Dr. Özlem Ergun’s research focuses on the design and management of large-scale networks. She has applied her work on network design, management and collaboration to problems arising in the airline, ocean cargo and trucking industries.  Recently, Dr. Ergun’s work has been focused on the use of systems thinking and mathematical modeling in applications with societal impact. She has worked with organizations that respond to humanitarian crisis around the world, including: UN WFP, IFRC, CARE USA, FEMA, USACE, CDC, AFCEMA, and MedShare International.


  • Ph. D., Operations Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA, June 2001
  • B. S., Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, January 1996

Research & Scholarship Interests

Design and management of large-scale networks, supply chain design and resilience, collaboration and crowdsourcing in logistics, humanitarian logistics
Affiliated With

Department Research Areas

College Research Initiatives

Honors & Awards

  • Winner, EURO/INFORMS 2007 Management Science Strategic Innovation Prize given on the subject of Logistics with "Designing mechanisms for the management of carrier alliances", 2007.
  • Most Cited Paper Award, Signal Processing: Image Communication given to the most cited paper published between the years 2005-2007 with \A multi-path selection for multiple description video streaming over overlay networks."
  • NSF CAREER award, 2003

Professional Affiliations

  • Mathematical Programming Society

Selected Publications

  • M. Celik, A. Lorca, Ö. Ergun. P. Keskinocak, A Decision-Support Tool for Post-Disaster Debris Operations, Production and Operations Mangaement, 26(6), 2017, 1076-1091
  • M. Jahre, J. Kembro, T. Rezvanian, Ö. Ergun, S. J. Håpnes, P. Berling, Integrating Supply Chains for Emergencies and Ongoing Operations in UNHCR , Journal of Operations Management, 45, 2016, 1-134
  • M. Celik, Ö. Ergun, P. Keskinocak, The Post-Disaster Debris Clearance Problem with Incomplete Information, Operations Research, 63(1), 2015, 65-85
  • L. Gui, A. Atasu, Ö. Ergun, B. Toktay, Fair and Efficient Implementation of Collective Extended Producer Responsibility Legislation, Management Science, 2014, 1-56
  • Ö. Ergun, L. Gui, J.L. Heier Stamm, P. Keskinocak, J.L. Swann, Improving Humanitarian Operations Through Collaboration, Production and Operations Management special issue on Humanitarian Operations and Crisis Management, 23(6), 2014, 1002-1014
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