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Professor Gupta gives a Plenary Keynote talk at the International Conference on Remanufacturing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

July 1, 2019

MIE Professor Surendra M. Gupta delivered a plenary keynote talk on June 23, 2019, at the International Conference on Remanufacturing (ICoR) at RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands, titled “Recent Areas of Academic Research in Remanufacturing and Future Trends”. His talk provided an overview of the various modeling techniques used by researchers to address the challenges created by the increase in popularity and implementation of remanufacturing as well as avenues for future research. Delegates who attended the packed program of ICoR also had an opportunity to visit ReMaTec 2019, the world’s #1 remanufacturing trade event organized by RAI Amsterdam and supported by founding partners and leading trade organizations. In addition, MIE PhD candidates Aditya Pandit and Murtadha Aldoukhi presented their papers, co-authored with Dr. Gupta, at the conference.