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ME Josh Levin Competes in American Ninja Warrior Finale

September 12, 2016

Watch tonight on NBC as Josh Levin competes in the Las Vegas American Ninja Warrior finale for his chance to win the title of American Ninja Warrior and the top prize of $1M.

Source: News @ Northeastern

It was 4:30 a.m. and Josh Levin was exhausted. His legs “felt like Jell-​​O,” and he was con­cerned he’d spent too much time warming up and not enough time resting. But the North­eastern senior and cham­pion rock climber would not be denied.

Levin beat every obstacle in stage one of the Amer­ican Ninja War­rior Las Vegas finals, which aired on NBC a week ago. Now, on Monday night when the finale of the show airs, the North­eastern community—and mil­lions of viewers nationwide—will find out if he com­pletes stages two through four and wins the title of “Amer­ican Ninja War­rior” and the top prize of $1 million.

North­eastern is hosting a viewing party in the Curry Stu­dent Center Indoor Quad on Monday from 8–10 p.m. Levin, who will be in atten­dance, said he’s been over­whelmed by the out­pouring of sup­port from family, friends, and the entire North­eastern com­mu­nity throughout his incred­ible journey.

It feels great to have the sup­port of campus behind me,” said Levin, who is a mechan­ical engi­neering major and co-​​founder of the North­eastern Climbing Team. At the stage one viewing party, “there were so many people I’d never met, including incoming freshmen, and they were all cheering.”

Con­tes­tants on the show, which is now in its eighth season, must over­come a series of dif­fi­cult obstacle courses. Levin pre­vi­ously advanced through the Los Angeles city qual­i­fier and city finals rounds to make it to the Las Vegas finals.

Levin fin­ished stage one with less than eight sec­onds to spare, though he sped through sev­eral of the early obsta­cles and took his time toward the end to make sure he exe­cuted his every move. Still, there were some dicey moments. One came while he ran up the so-​​called warped wall. His leg buckled and he nearly didn’t get enough momentum to leap and grab the top of the wall and climb up. He credits a new pair of sneakers, which he’d bought the day before, with res­cuing him. “That’s the only thing that saved me from eating it right into the wall,” he said.

Levin has cap­tured 19 national cham­pi­onships in climbing and attrib­utes much of his suc­cess and pas­sion to his mentor, Stacey Li Col­lver. In 2003 she was diag­nosed with an incur­able lung dis­ease and is on the wait list for a second double-​​lung trans­plant. Levin said appearing on Amer­ican Ninja War­rior has pro­vided a national plat­form to bring greater aware­ness to organ dona­tion and pro­mote Donate Life America, a non­profit com­mitted to that cause. In his appli­ca­tion video for the show, Levin said, “She’s the biggest inspi­ra­tion in my life, and I want to win this for her.”