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Jung Featured in Nanoscale Journal

December 19, 2016

MIE Associate Professor Yung Joon Jung and his former postdoctoral researcher, Hyunyoung Jung, (who recently was appointed as an assistant professor at Kyeongnam National University of Science and Technology, South Korea), were published in Nanoscale for their article on "Inter-Allotropic Transformations in Heterogeneous Carbon Nanotube Networks".

Abstract Source: Nanoscale

The allotropic transformations of carbon provide an immense technological interest for tailoring the desired molecular structures in scalable nanoelectronic devices. Here we explore the effects of morphology and geometric alignment of nanotubes for re-engineering of carbon bonds in heterogeneous carbon nanotube (CNT) networks. By applying alternating voltage pulses and electrical forces, the single- walled CNTs in networks are transformed predominantly into other predetermined sp2 carbon structures (multi-walled CNTs and multi-layered graphitic nanoribbons), showing a larger intensity in a coalescence-induced mode of Raman spectra with increasing channel width. Moreover, the transformed networks have a newly discovered sp2-sp3 hybrid nanostructures in accordance with the alignment. The sp3 carbon structures at the small channel are controlled so that it contains up to about 29.4% in the networks. This study provides a controllable method for specific types of inter-allotropic transformations/hybridizations, which opens up the further possibility for engineering of nanocarbon allotropes in robust large-scale network-based devices.