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Highly Anisotropic Multifunctional Adhesive Film

December 6, 2016

MIE Associate Professors Askan Vaziri & Yung Joon Jung and Professor Nader Jalili's research with "Highly Anisotropic Adhesive Film Made from Upside-Down, Flat, and Uniform Vertically Aligned CNTs" was published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

Abstract Source: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

We have created a multifunctional dry adhesive film with transferred vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (VA-CNTs). This unique VA-CNT film was fabricated by a multistep transfer process, converting the flat and uniform bottom of VA-CNTs grown on atomically flat silicon wafer substrates into the top surface of an adhesive layer. Unlike as-grown VA-CNTs, which have a nonuniform surface, randomly entangled CNT arrays, and a weak interface between the CNTs and substrates, this transferred VA-CNT film shows an extremely high coefficient of static friction (COF) of up to 60 and a shear adhesion force 30 times higher (12 N/cm2) than that of the as-grown VA-CNTs under a very small preloading of 0.2 N/cm2. Moreover, a near-zero normal adhesion force was observed with 20 mN/cm2 preloading and a maximum 100-μm displacement in a piezo scanner, demonstrating ideal properties for an artificial gecko foot. Using this unique structural feature and anisotropic adhesion properties, we also demonstrate effective removal and assembly of nanoparticles into organized micrometer-scale circular and line patterns by a single brushing of this flat and uniform VA-CNT film.