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Energy from any Direction

February 24, 2015

MIE Professor Emeritus Alexander Gorlov was awarded a patent for a “Universal Spherical Turbine with Skewed Axis of Rotation” to convert fluid flow from any direction into energy.

Abstract Source: United States Patent Office

A universal spherical reaction turbine for any flowing fluid at any depths or elevation that is capable of unidirectional rotation under reversible flow conditions. The turbine includes a rotatable shaft that is adapted to rotate about an axis of rotation; turbine blade support members that are fixedly attached to the rotatable shaft and a plurality of meridian turbine blades. The meridian turbine blades are fixedly attached to diametrically-opposite points that define a geometrical north-south meridian axis that is oriented at a skew angle to the axis of rotation of the rotatable shaft. The skew angle is greater than zero and less than 180 degrees, and, more preferably, between 25 and 35 degrees. The skewing ensures that those turbine blades that are attached to the diametrically-opposite points move on a helical trajectory with respect to the axis of rotation.