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The name Mechatronics stems from Mechanical and Electronics. It is a multidisciplinary approach to product design and development, merging the principles of electrical, mechanical, computer, material, chemical and industrial engineering. Our mission is to produce broadly educated students in mechatronic systems with applications ranging from intelligent products and manufacturing processes to biological systems. MIE faculty members within Mechatronics group are involved with the modeling, design and manufacture of a variety of intelligent products and systems involving hybrid mechanical and electronic functions. More specifically, current areas of research within the group include modeling and control of next-generation micro/nano-electromechanical sensors and actuators, control and manipulation at the micro/nanoscale with new applications ranging from precision manipulation to imaging and sensing, rehabilitation mechatronics, nanorobotics, intelligent human-machine and human-computer interactions, driving simulator, nonintrusive sensor design, stability analysis and control synthesis of dynamical systems with delays, and control-systems-aided human-machine systems.


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