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Written by Annmarie Uliano, a graduate MS student in Engineering Management.

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July 31, 2017

ME Alum Josh Levin, E'17, completed the LA City Finals course on American Ninja Warrior for the second year in a row and is advancing to the National Finals in Las Vegas. Source: News @...

July 28, 2017

Industrial Engineering students Alyssa Caganda, BS'19 & Tina Rezvanian, PhD'18 had their work with Professor Ozlem Ergun presented at the Conference on Health & Humanitarian Logistics.

July 27, 2017

MIE/BioE Associate Professor Sandra Shefelbine awarded $650K NSF "Mechanobiology of Joint Morphogenesis: Manipulating Salamander Limbs" grant to study joint development by examining the regenerating limbs of salamanders.

July 27, 2017

MIE PhD students Jianfeng Sun, Ran Ran, and undergraduate student Derek Tran have created a new microscope analyzer to test water for contaminants quicker than conventional methods. Source: News @...

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