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MIE Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Councils goal is to create solutions based on student’s problems, concerns and questions. This group is composed of student leaders, from all levels, and the chair of the department who discuss what is going on within the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department. The goal of this form is to bring any student concerns to the chair of the department to bridge the gap between the faculty and the students.

SAC Members

Name: Nicholas Candelino

Major (Level): Mechatronics (PhD Candidate)


Name: Rozhin Doroudi

Major (Level): PhD of Industrial Engineering


Name: Sharon Melul Steinfeld

Major (Level): BS/MS in Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management (Senior)


Name: Kenneth Benson

Major (Level): Master's in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Material Science


Name: Harsh Goswami

Major: Masters of Science in Engineering Management 


Name: Benjamin Howell

Major (Level): Industrial Engineering BS, Engineering Management MS