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Industrial Advisory Board

The purpose of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Advisory Board is to support the mission of the department with its educational and research programs by sharing its expertise and strategic thinking, by participation in meetings with the department chair and faculty and by external fundraising and personal philanthropy. The Board will be composed of leaders from both industry and academia who have a commitment to the mission and goals of Northeastern University, the College of Engineering and the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) Department


  1. The Board will comprise no fewer than 10 nor more than 20 members selected by the department chair to serve three-year renewable terms. Board members will play an important role in identifying and recruiting new members. A balance of members between industry and academia and between industrial and mechanical engineering will always be maintained.
  2. Board leadership will be provided by ME and IE co-chairs selected by the department chair.
  3. On-campus meetings will not exceed two per year, typically one meeting in each of the fall and spring semesters.


  1. The Board will provide advice and strategic guidance to the department on matters of curricula, research and engineering practice, both domestic and global. It will serve as a constituent of the undergraduate programs in mechanical and industrial engineering and will assist in establishing, reviewing and assessing achievement of Undergraduate Program Educational Objectives. It will further provide strategic advice to the faculty on graduate level education, especially on the need for and development of professional masters programs.
  2. Board members will facilitate alliances with corporate, NGO and government agencies on matters of faculty and student research and may serve as research partners when appropriate.
  3. The Board will assist the departmental advancement team in identifying and developing individual and corporate sponsors.

Board Members

  • Joseph Bussichella, ME'79
  • Garen Demirchian, COE'83
  • Frederick Emmett, ME'67
  • Ms. Elif Kizilkaya-Eracar, COE'96
  • Ronald Fish, ME'81
  • Paul Heimlicher, IE'81
  • Noreen Henrich, Civil'77
  • Tom Kelly, ME'77
  • Donald Parent, ME'79
  • Stephen Pritchard, ME'81
  • C. Nicholas Reveliotty, ME'63
  • Frank Tempesta, E'62 ME'64
  • David Furrer
  • Robert Riemer, ME'71
  • Lou Gritzo
  • Frank Marangell, IE'83
  • C. Paul Oberg, IE'73