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Mission & Objectives

The departmental mission and program educational objectives have been developed in conjunction with students, faculty, alumni and industrial constituents. They serve to characterize the mechanical and industrial engineering programs at Northeastern University and to guide the educational activities of the department in its support of the college and university missions.

Departmental Mission

Our mission is to educate persons for professional and technical excellence, to perform research to advance the science and practice of engineering, to engage in service activities that advance the department, the university and the profession, and to instill in ourselves and our students habits and attitudes that promote ethical behavior, professional responsibility and careers that advance the well-being of society.

Program Educational Objectives

Graduates will demonstrate technical excellence in their chosen fields, anticipate and respond to societal changes and develop careers with depth and flexibility, while retaining a professional and intellectual thrust throughout. Specifically,

  1. Graduates will contribute to the advancement of the Mechanical Engineering (Industrial Engineering) field and provide leadership and innovation to the benefit of their employers, the professional community, and society.
  2. Graduates will engage in activities that promote professional development and personal growth.

As noted in our current Strategic Plan's Executive Summary, mechanical and industrial engineers have traditionally led the design, development and manufacturing of products and devices for improvement and enrichment of human life. As a community we continue to expand this role, moving into areas as diverse as healthcare systems engineering and renewable energy. Accordingly, student interest in both Mechanical and Industrial Engineering programs has seen an unprecedented rise, with little indication of slow-down.

The mechanical and industrial engineering undergraduate degree programs in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) department at Northeastern University instill technical knowledge and lifelong learning capabilities to our graduates through coursework, co- operative education, research opportunities, and international experiences to inspire students toward ethical conduct in their professional and personal lives.