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Message from the Chair

The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering has been on the rise through strategic hiring. As the department rises, a conducive environment has provided a platform for people to work hard and work happily. The addition of 24 new tenured/tenure-track faculty members over five years, with no attrition to other universities, has propelled multiple research clusters in the department toward excellence. In parallel with the tenured/tenure-track faculty hires, the addition of 11 teaching facultymembers over four years has enabled educational excellence to advance even further.

Supporting the fast rise is the growing financial resource. The department has started large-scale collaborations with major industrial companies including General Electric, Raytheon, and Northrop. The industrial collaborations augment multiple governmental supports secured by our faculty, such as the $20M contract order from the US Army Research Office and $125M contract order from the US Veterans Health Administration.

On the solid foundation of financial resource, people are the center of focus at this department. We work hard and work happily, and take ownership of the department. As an example, Emeritus Professor and former Department Chair John W. Cipolla has given the department $100K to establish the John and Katharine Cipolla Graduate Student Support Fund. As another example, Emeritus Professor Alexander Gorlov is the namesake of the Gorlov Innovation Prize. This prize is endowed with $100K from friends and former students of Professor Gorlov, in recognition of his innovations including the invention of the Gorlov Turbine that operates on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and all around the world.

Strategic hiring, people focus, and preservation of a conducive environment have enabled people to work hard, happily, and productively. Productive people naturally bring successes. Rising awareness of our successes is also a trend we note and appreciate. According to the US News and World Report, our mechanical engineering graduate program moved up 14 places to No. 43 in five years, while our industrial engineering graduate program has moved up four places to No. 32 during the same period.

huangThis momentum will continue through strategic growth. I invite alums and other stakeholders to join us in propelling this department even further, and also invite all to consider this department for your education or for research and development projects. I look forward to hearing from you!


Emanuel Melachrinoudis
Professor and Interim Department Chair