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  • Stochastic optimization, network theory, facility location modeling, and supply chain design for applications regarding equity, access, human trafficking, mental health, and humanitarian logistics
  • Modeling, simulation, and theory of nanoscale mechanics, soft matter, and glasses and amorphous materials.
  • Assistant Professor, jointly appointed in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Devices, circuits and sensing; antenna analysis, modeling, design, and optimization; subsurface scattering analysis; computational methods of electromagnetics; novel radar system specification and design; explosives detection.
  • Professor, Interim MIE Department Chair and Director, Industrial Engineering
    Deterministic operations research and multi-criteria optimization; facility location; supply chain, transportation and logistics; wireless sensor network lifetime maximization with sink mobility; wildfire prediction and mitigation
  • Fundamentals of combustion such as burning speed and onset of autoignition measurement and flame stability analysis; development of chemistry reduction such as rate-controlled constrained-equilibrium method; non-equilibrium thermodynamics
  • Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies and Research, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
    Process-structure-properties relationships in polymer-based nano-composites fibers; polymer/nano-carbon interfacial interactions and interphase formations; lightweight composite materials; carbon-carbon composites
  • Cyber-Physical Manufacturing, Human-Machine Symbiosis, Customer-Centric Design, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • Interim Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Office of the Dean
    Mechanics and tribology of axially moving materials, webs; numerical simulation of tissue healing and bone remodeling; high velocity impact of micron scale particles