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  • COE Distinguished Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
    Gasification and combustion of solid fuels, generation and containment of combustion-generated pollution, synthesis and characterization of combustion-generated materials, fire suppression – fire extinction, engine design and operation
  • Cabot Professor, jointly appointed in Chemical Engineering and Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

    Engineered magnetic and electronic nanomaterials; magnetostructural transitions (simultaneous magnetic and structural phase changes)
  • Human-machine interactions, interface design and user experiences, system integration and evaluation; smart systems and nonintrusive sensors, human friendly mechatronics, human state detection and information fusion; human factors in transportation and healthcare
  • multiscale/multiphysics computational modeling of complex materials and structures; computational mechanics; large scale impact and blast simulation; high performance computing
  • Assistant Professor, jointly appointed in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Nano optics, nanoscale materials and engineering, nano devices, plasmonics, metamaterials, and applied physics
  • MEMS-enabled systems for assistive technologies, energy harvesting, and microscale vacuum systems, tissue engineering via MEMS-enabled cell assembly and origami folding, carbon nanotube-based energy storage
  • Vice Provost for Research Innovation and Development & Vice President for the Northeastern University Innovation Campus in Burlington, Office of the Provost
    Nanomaterials, interfaces, phase transformations, intermetallic compounds, electron microscopy techniques, radioactive nanoparticles, radiation effects, STEM education