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  • College of Engineering Distinguished Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
    Contact mechanics including adhesion, friction, and plasticity; modeling and analysis of MEMS; modeling and analysis in nanomechanics
  • Applied operations research, healthcare, supply chain, large scale optimization and big-data analytics
  • nonlinear dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, computational fluid mechanics, disaster response, experimental fluids
  • Rapid solidification processing, droplet-based materials processing, powder metallurgy, material processing by severe plastic deformation, processing-structure-property relationships in materials
  • Dean of the College of Engineering, Office of the Dean
    Fluid dynamics, microfluidics, chaotic mixing, particle manipulation
  • Provost & Senior VP for Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost
  • Geographic resource allocation, logistics, transportation, multimodal transport systems, scheduling, data visualization, backbone network and social resilience, computational social science, decentralized systems, and shared mobility; Data-driven robust optimization, computational geometry, geometric probability theory, and geospatial analysis.
  • Healthcare process improvement, healthcare systems engineering, operations research, quality and reliability engineering, statistical quality control
  • WL Smith Chair and University Distinguished Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
    Nanomanufacturing, nano and microscale printing of sensors and electronics, nano and micro control, particulate and chemical defects in semiconductor manufacturing, high rate nanomanufacturing, NEMS devices and nanomaterials based nanoelectronics
  • Large-Scale Optimization, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics & Decision Models for large-scale complex systems (e.g., medical diagnosis, brain, healthcare systems, biological systems, etc.)
  • analysis and design of efficient facilities focusing on inventory space control, materials handling and staffing levels
  • Structure/property relationships in composites and ceramics, magnetic manipulation, colloidal physics
  • Design and management of large-scale networks, supply chain design and resilience, collaboration and crowdsourcing in logistics, humanitarian logistics
  • Systems reliability, accelerated life testing in reliability prediction; big data-data driven decision making in spatiotemporal streaming environment; life data (survival data) analysis; robust design of experiments
  • Soft robots; transformable robots; self-folding machines; rapid prototyping; biomimetic design
  • Professor and Associate Chair, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
    Biomechanics, material science, engineering mechanics
  • health care resource allocation with multi-objective resource allocation models; modeling resiliency in complex systems; design and management of outpatient health care clinics; simulation: discrete event simulation and systems dynamics; deterministic and stochastic optimization
  • Green manufacturing; green supply chains; disassembly modeling; remanufacturing; reverse logistics; managing end of life products; environmentally conscious manufacturing; manufacturing sustainability; reverse and closed-loop supply chains; just-in-time (jit) manufacturing and materials management; operations research: stochastic and simulation modeling
  • socio-technical systems, systems engineering and design, social and economic networks, resilience of networked systems, computational social sciences, platform-based systems, sharing economy systems, computational social sciences, game theory, artificial intelligence
  • Multiscale and multiphase flow and transport phenomena, surface tension interactions in micro/nanoengineered structures, and electrokinetic ion transport in porous media for applications in energy storage, portable biochemical diagnostics, thermal management, and water treatment systems
  • Donald W. Smith Professor and Chair, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
    Development of a theoretical framework for nanorod growth and innovation of metallic glue for ambient environments; and atomistic simulation methods
  • Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
    Economic-environmental assessment of alternative manu/nanomanufacturing routes towards sustainable design and manufacturing, societal implications of nanomanufacturing, with interdisciplinary collaborations in political science, philosophy, industrial hygiene and industrial engineering, development and assessment of educational games for engineering students and for K-12 outreach activities.
  • Piezoelectric-based actuators and sensors, dynamic modeling and vibration control of distributed-parameters systems, dynamics and control of MEMS and NEMS sensors and actuators, control and manipulation at the nanoscale
  • microstructure-macroscopic properties relationship in complex fluids; rheology and physics of complex and structured fluids; colloidal suspensions; mesoscale computational science; computational fluid dynamics; physics of living systems; hemorheology and hemodynamics
  • Developing advanced models for prognostics and health management using physics-based models and data analytics; designing preventive strategies for manufacturing operations