Material Science has been the key enabler in virtually all of the engineering breakthroughs that have occurred from early metal ages to the present nano-age. In step with the scientific development and discovery of materials, members of the MIE faculty are involved in interdisciplinary research to further materials processing, synthesis and design. Research areas are aligned with Northeastern University's broad initiatives of Sustainability, Security, and Health, as well as national initiatives in manufacturing and nanotechnology. Investigations in the areas of metals/alloys, polymers, bio-materials (including bio-mimetics), and composites incorporating nano-scale materials make use of experimental, theoretical, and computational techniques to tailor structure-processing-property relationships in materials for specific applications. Current areas of research include, controlling synthesis and assembly processes to produce well-defined atomic structures; defect engineering; manipulating atomic/micro-structures and the chemistry of materials to optimize properties for next-generation structural, electronic, and energy applications; solidification and deformation processing; and life cycle assessments for nano-composites/materials. The faculty and students are committed to creative thinking and engineering innovation to propel materials development to the forefront of scientific research.

While pursuing a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering you may choose Material Science as a concentration. 

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